The Hockey Song

Stompin' Tom Connors:  The Hockey Song

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

Photographs:  "The puck goes down the ice"; "The players face off down the ice"; "Now the final flick, of a hockey stick, and the one gigantic scream. 'The puck is in! The home team wins'!", the good ol' hockey game." "And the Stanley Cup, is all filled up, for the champs who win the drink"    Homage to Number 4, Bobby Orr!

artist:  Stompin' Tom Connors

songwriter:  Stompin' Tom Connors

date released:  1973 by Stompin' Tom Connors

I will remember Stompin'Tom with his memorable song about Canada's favourite sport. Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams play against each other to try to get a puck or a ball into the net of an opponent's team.  When the puck goes in, players score a point for their team.  Field hockey and ice hockey are the most popular forms of hockey.

Canada's favourite sport is ice hockey.  The game is contested between two teams of skaters on a rink.  Ice hockey sticks are long L-shaped sticks made of wood, graphite or composites with a blade at the bottom to help a player maneuver the puck.  The line of the song, "Bobby scores", refers to Canadian hockey legend Bobby Orr, who played for the Boston Bruins.  You see him in the video with the black jersey with the yellow and white logo looking very much like "a bumble bee."  Bobby Orr was selected as one of the eight great Canadian flagbearers to carry the Olympic flag into B.C. Place for the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010.

North American professional teams play in the National Hockey League, the NHL.  Their goal is to win The Stanley Cup at the end of their season.

Canadian country-folk legend Stompin' Tom Connors died on March 6, 2013, at age 77. A few days earlier, the musician penned a letter to fans that he wanted to be published after his death, his spokesman said. Here is a copy of the letter published on the singer's official website:

Hello friends,

I want all my fans, past, present, or future, to know that without you, there would have not been any Stompin' Tom.

It was a long hard bumpy road, but this great country kept me inspired with its beauty, character, and spirit, driving me to keep marching on and devoted to sing about its people and places that make Canada the greatest country in the world.

I must now pass the torch, to all of you, to help keep the Maple Leaf flying high, and be the Patriot Canada needs now and in the future.

I humbly thank you all, one last time, for allowing me in your homes, I hope I continue to bring a little bit of cheer into your lives from the work I have done.


Your Friend always,

Stompin' Tom Connors