500 Years

Rhonda Head:  500 Years

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

Nartist:  Rhonda Head

songwriter:  Rhonda Head

date released:  2015/2016 by Rhonda Head

Rhonda Head is from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in northern Manitoba.  She is a mezzo-soprano.  Rhonda recently won a 2022 LIT Talent award for her single 500 Years for Best Social Impact Song and for Kisahkihitin.    She also won a 2022 One World Music Award for her single 500 Years, and she is the official recipient of Global Music Awards for a pair of her most celebrated songs.  Judged by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning artists, Head’s impactful anthem, 500 Years, received a Bronze Medal in the Protest Music category. The lyrics share her emotional journey, moving through the pain of being an intergenerational Residential School Survivor.

The song dives into the pain of that experience, for me and for all of my people that have endured ‘500 years of pain',” shared Head. “But the song also shows our incredible resilience and how we are finally coming together, all of humanity, to love and to be kind to one another, despite our differences and our past.”

It was said that Rhonda shone with her fans and also as a leader in the North American music industry by JUNO Award-winning rock icon and band leader of Eagle & Hawk, Vince Fontaine. “Rhonda has trained and performed internationally. Her lyrics touch the soul. She is an intergenerational Residential School Survivor. She is an inspiration in so many ways and continues to be a voice and a beacon."