The Mystic's Dream

Loreena McKennitt:  The Mystic's Dream

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

"A clouded dream on an earthly night.  Hangs upon the crescent moon.  A voiceless song in an ageless light.  Sings at the coming dawn" 

"Painting hangs on an ivy wall."

"nestled in emerald moss"

"Deep in the desert twilight sand melts in pools of the sky"

performed by:  Loreena McKennitt

songwriter:  Loreena McKennitt

date released:  1994 by Loreena McKennitt

From the album, "The Mask and The Mirror", this song is exemplary of McKennitt's explorations into medieval religion and spirituality.  To the medieval mind, the mirror was the doorway through which the soul freed itself. Thus, polishing the mirror was a transformative exercise to refine the soul. 

In her album songbook McKennitt follows the trail of the medieval minstrels of Ireland, through the troubadours of France, crossing over the Pyrenees to Andalusia and then into Morocco.  First stop: Stonehenge and the other mystical places of England. "The Mystic's Dream" was used in the miniseries "The Mists of Avalon."