Someday Soon

Judy Collins/Ian and Sylvia:  Someday Soon

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

 "Just out of the service" "My parents can not stand him 'cause he rides the rodeo"

"My father says that he will leave me cryin."

"So blow, you old Blue Northern, blow my love to me"

artist:  Judy Collins

songwriter:  Ian Tyson

date released:  1969 by Judy Collins; re-released in 1995 by Ian and Sylvia

The song Someday Soon, written by Ian Tyson, recounts the story of a young woman waiting for her lover to arrive. The song may contain some autobiographical elements since, like Ian Tyson himself, the young man rides in the rodeo. The young woman is determined to follow her man “down the toughest road I know.”

However, there is clearly friction between the young woman and her parents over the suitability of her lover. This situation is effectively outlined in the song’s lyrics, where the woman surmises that her father’s disapproval may stem from the fact that her lover closely resembles a younger version of her father.

Like so many great folk songs, the story is simple and straightforward yet also effective. The tune is also extremely catchy. The interaction between the young lovers, and the friction they encounter with the parents, is very well described. Also, the singer implies that her lover may be quite a handful, since he loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me.

By 1975, Ian & Sylvia had stopped performing together, and shortly after that, they were divorced. Following that, Ian continued a part-time singing career but also returned to ranching, while Sylvia continued to write and perform.

It is the Judy Collins cover of Ian & Sylvia’s song that most people remember. One reason for this may be that Ian & Sylvia’s version was never released as a single.