Sarah McLachlan: Fallen

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

artist:  Sarah McLachlan

performed by:  Sarah McLachlan

date released:  2003 by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan was born out of wedlock to Judy James in Nova Scotia in 1968, and was adopted out to American-born marine biologist Jack McLachlan and his wife Dorice.  As a young child, she took lessons in classical piano and guitar as well as voice lessons.  She completed high school and one year at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design before she decided to move to Vancouver.

Trained as a musician but not in songwriting, McLachlan spent a difficult year learning the craft. It was on the West Coast in 1988 that McLachlan began her recording career with the album, "Solace," for which she received glowing reviews for the richness and clarity of her voice.

During a particularly difficult time in her life, Sarah McLachlan released "Afterglow" containing the hit single, "Fallen."  After a period of self-examination, she realized she had made some mistakes that had caused a lifetime of pain and suffering for another (although the "another" was not mentioned in the song). 

She has lost friends and plummeted to the depths wondering how she can redeem herself.  Using this intense song, her intent is to empower people to own up to their mistakes, recognize what they have lost, and move on in life.  Perhaps this is the reason so many music lovers could find solace in "Fallen," and the song was nominated in 2004 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.  

McLachlan's career would culminate in twenty-one Juno Award nominations and eight awards.  She has also won three prestigious Grammy Awards.  In 1999, she was appointed as Officer of the Order of Canada by the then Governor-General, Adrienne Clarkson.  In 2001, she was inducted into the Order of British Columbia.

In more recent years, McLachlan opened her philanthropic heart by performing for free benefit concerts for tsunami victims relief.  In addition, she founded the Sarah McLachlan Musical Outreach Choir & Percussion Ensemble for inner city at-risk youth.  She also is an avid supporter of the ASPCA and animal welfare where she filmed a two-minute advertisement with her song, "Angel."  It raised 30 million dollars for the ASPCA.