Loreena McKennitt:  Caravanserai

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

"This glancing life is like a morning star."

"The sand was shimmering in the morning light. And dancing off the dunes so far away." 

"We woke that morning at the onward call. Our camels bridled up, our howdahs full." 

"The tents grew smaller as we rode away.  On earth that tells of many passing days.  The months of peace and all the years of war. The lives of love and all the lives of fears"

"We crossed the river beds all etched in stone.  And up the mighty mountains ever known. Beyond the valleys in the searing heat.  Until we reached the caravanserai."

"What is this life that pulls me far away? What is that home where we cannot reside? What is that quest that pulls me onward?" 

artist:  Loreena McKennitt

songwriter:  Loreena McKennitt

date released:  2008 by Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt, a Canadian singer-songwriter who writes and produces World music, is primarily known for her arrangements in the Celtic music genre.  However, she has also branched out to World music influenced by various cultures (such as Spanish, Galician, Greek, Turkish, and Arabic).

McKennitt's has been variously described as legendary; masterful; transcendent, and timeless.

She creates worlds within worlds in her music. Her songs aren’t merely songs; they are beautiful experiences. They transport you to another place and time as though you feel like you are witnessing or experiencing a particular point in history coming to life again. 

Listening to  "Caravanserai" feels as if one is reading a narrative of a journey across a desert towards a distant destination or caravanserai through shifting dunes of sand. 

 McKennitt is known for doing intensive research and traveling to specific geographical locations before writing each album. Many of her works are also full of literary references.