Jann Arden:  Insensitive

Quiz by Sharon Michiko Yoneda

artist:  Jann Arden

songwriter:  Anne Loree

date released:  1994 by Jann Arden

  Jann Arden was born in Springbank, Alberta in 1962. She spent most of her teenage years singing in bars and busking for a living.  Her biggest breakthrough came in 1994 with her album containing the hit song, "Insensitive".   The song is the second single released from Canadian singer-songwriter, and the song became Arden's most successful single, reaching number one in Canada and Australia and number 12 in the United States.

Although Arden's songs are full of sadness and heartache, the singer herself is known for her wild sense of humour.  Arden has had eighteen Juno Award nominations, and she won eight of them.  Her talent in songwriting has won her several awards and many accolades.    

CBC interviews Jann Arden.